Podcast Ep. 8: Business Insights From a Seasoned Entrepreneur | Gary Schwartz

October 03, 2019

Podcast Ep. 8: Business Insights From a Seasoned Entrepreneur  | Gary Schwartz

In this episode, we will have Gary Schwartz with us! He is the CEO and Co-Chair of CBx. He's built a strong background in his career including many awards in his field like the Deloitte Fast 50 Award, 2013 Mobile Commerce Evangelist of the Year and 2014 US Retail Innovator of the Year.
Gary is the author of The Impulse Economy, a book that explains the behaviors of mobile consumers and what makes them buy products through their mobiles. He's also the author of Fast Shopper, Slow Store.

Gary is the President of the Canadian Lenders Association and the Global Director of the Location Based Marketing Association. He is an entrepreneur from we can learn a lot about the business dynamic. See the full video to know more about Gary and stay tuned for the next episodes, we have more amazing content coming up!

Memorable quotes:

"Storytelling is the most profound tool we have in life and business"

"Being an entrepreneur is something that you're born with in the same way that people are born with an addictive personality"

"When you want to build an idea and you want to build a succesful business around it, knowing yourself, and knowing how you can fit in the team building is really important"

Gary's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Gary/Schwartz

 YouTube podcast: https://youtu.be/X3jR0v3SbEI

Audio version podcast: http://podcast.xpresssuccess.com/ep-8-business-insights-from-a-seasoned-entrepreneur-gary-schwartz

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