Podcast Ep. 6: How To Command Your Destiny | Sean Conrad

September 19, 2019

Podcast Ep. 6: How To Command Your Destiny | Sean Conrad

This week, Sean Conrad will join us in our new episode. Sean is an accomplished Senior Executive with many years of experience. He's helped many companies in their path to success. He is definitely someone who would take your company to a whole different level by guiding you through brand differentiation and help you create a strong business network.

Sean has collaborated with companies like Wells Fargo Insurance, Willis Towers Watson, and Allied Insurance, a Nationwide Company. He is also a founding member of The International Executive Council (IEC) and the CEO of the Internet Marketing Association.

Memorable quotes:

"I look for sources that can guide me along that journey. It's not a comparative way of "How can do more than somebody next to me" it's "How can I create the best version of me over a period of time"

"Be open to life and your path taking you to different directions, based on the people you meet and the expresions that you have".

Sean's LinkedIn profile:

YouTube Podcast: 
Audio Podcast: http://podcast.xpresssuccess.com/ep-6-how-to-command-your-destiny-sean-conrad

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