Podcast Ep. 7: Essential Leadership Lessons From Evite's CEO | Victor Cho

September 26, 2019

Podcast Ep. 7: Essential Leadership Lessons From Evite's CEO | Victor Cho

In this episode, Victor Cho is here with us to share some amazing leadership advice. Victor is the CEO of Evite, one of the most famous events planning app. He has built his career in many renowned companies like Intuit, Kodak, Big Leap and even Microsoft.

He's an innovate leader and a quick thinker who has accomplished many goals during his career. Victor was recognized as the Internet Person of The Year in 2015 by the Internet Marketing Association and received the Technology Innovation Award in 2014.

Stay with us to know more about Victor Cho. He shared with us some interesting information related to business management and career goals. And don't forget to subscribe! We have more amazing interviews coming up.

Memorable quotes:
"It was very easy for me to make all of my career decisions with that factor in mind: 'Have I learned all that I could learn from this? Is the next opportunity a better learning experience? How am I gonna build that new skill? and how am I gonna build those new skills that are gonna help me run a software business?'"

"I have a belief that as a leader you need to have two things: one is transparency and another one is empathy"

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